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Intelligent, visual, treatment-tracking software.

SMART Charts is a secure, privacy-compliant, and customizable solution for goal-writing, data-tracking, and note-taking in education and healthcare environments.

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SMART Charts Demo Screens

SMART Charts Demo Screens

What are SMART Charts?

What we can see together, we can achieve together.

Through easy-to-use goal-writing, data-tracking, and note-taking tools, SMART Charts offers educators and healthcare professionals a unique, customizable, privacy-compliant, data secure, and—most important—visual means to help their students and patients make sense of their individualized plan and stay motivated on the path to achievement.

SMART Charts creates snapshots of progress accessible in real-time on a password-protected, personalized website. These images rally the group around a shared understanding of how far they’ve come and how far they need to go. Staying informed means asking better questions, addressing setbacks and plateaus, and celebrating the wins along the way.

Who does SMART Charts help?

With SMART Charts:

SMART Charts facilitates equal opportunity learning and advancement by allowing all parties, especially patients and students, to understand and advocate for their own rehabilitation and education needs.

Our company was created to enable patients and students receiving therapeutic and educational supports to understand WHAT they are working on, WHERE they are in the process, and WHY it is important to achieve small goals on their way to their largest accomplishments. The tool allows people of all ages, races, SES’s, languages, and education levels the ability to actively participate in their recovery and learning in collaboration with their healthcare clinicians and educators.

Our resource is a virtual data-sharing tool that translates data into meaningful information for all to analyze, share, and celebrate – regardless of where they are. They say a picture is worth a thousand words — and so is the understanding of the data behind it!

> Create personalized intervention plans, individual education plans and plans of care with our easy-to-use goal-writing tool

> Choose from our unique collection of images to create age- and patient-appropriate progress meters

> Save session notes and data required for educational and healthcare documentation

> Take the anxiety out of the information overload that can accompany a new diagnosis or learning challenges

> Troubleshoot setbacks

> Promote teamwork between the patient, student, family and provider

> See the connection between their tasks and their overall goal

> Stay motivated through long treatment/educational plans, slow progress and setbacks

> Get the support they need from their professional helpers and the home team

> Celebrate the little wins on their way to the big one

> Stay informed wherever they are via a web-based, secure login

> Get real-time updates on their child’s progress

> Ask better questions

> Provide better-informed support

> Celebrate their child’s successes

What does SMART Charts do?

Let us be your administrative assistant. 

Track Session in Real-Time

Conduct interactive therapy instantly and complete documentation in-session.

Simple, Secure Web-Based Login

Use a web browser to access our platform on a computer, smartphone, or tablet from anywhere.

Visualize Progress

Choose from our unique collection of graphics to create age- and patient-appropriate progress meters.

Personalized Experiences

Create as many goals as needed to achieve long- and short-term objectives.

Share Information Instantly

Recipients, family members, and caretakers receive instant access to session results.

HIPAA Compliant

Our platform is built to meet and exceed all HIPAA regulations.

Value-based care tracking in healthcare and education settings.

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SMART Charts closes the loop for educators and healthcare professionals to deliver learning and care as well as crucial knowledge to students and patients no matter where they are. Our unique data-management tool increases your daily productivity by efficiently documenting, visualizing, and sharing progress. Get started today!

Personalized Care

SMART Charts delivers highly personalized solutions to meet evolving student/patient needs. Our online platform provides the right treatment for the right group of patients, giving hospitals and clinics a broader reach, faster communications, and improved patient engagement and loyalty.

Cost and Time Savings

SMART Charts reduces cost for both healthcare providers and patients compared with traditional rehabilitation. Our solutions help clinicians and therapists provide quality care to many patients with greater cost efficiency. Our intuitive data-management platform reduces the average time spent on documentation from over an hour to just minutes.

Enhanced Flexibility

SMART Charts facilitate greater accessibility and flexibility for both patients and healthcare providers. Our web-based platform gives clinicians and therapists the options of delivering virtual care and crucial knowledge to a patient no matter where they are – enhancing freedom and flexibility. Additionally, SMART Charts enhances access for individuals that might otherwise be unable to visit a traditional in-person clinic.


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